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Dr Swim is a boutique swim school run by Victoria Crawley Specialising in one-on-one in-the-pool stroke technique sessions, swimmers are encouraged to find that ‘feel for the water’ which enables swimming to become effortless.

All ages and levels of swimming ability are taught, from beginners through to elite triathlete competitors looking to improve their speed. By teaching the correct breathing technique, making sure bodies are streamlined and in the right position,and demonstrating the importance of rhythm and timing, all levels of swimming can be improved.  By identifying common mistakes and breaking down the stroke, bad habits are corrected and the stroke rebuilt helping clients swim faster, further and
more efficiently.


Dr Swim also offers bespoke sessions to help those who lack confidence or have spent a long time out of the water. By taking you back to basics of swimming, Victoria motivates and inspires unconfident swimmers and provide an intelligent and inspiring re-introduction to the art of swimming.

Each private session is tailored to the individual’s goals; for example technique drills, breathing exercises, an endurance workout - or a combination of the three - optimising pool time. Children’s lessons are safe and fun, and offer all the strokes from an early age.

All swimmers can learn to move faster using less energy. Dr Swim wants people to practise their stroke skillfully and gracefully so time in the pool becomes effortlessstylish and importantly, injury-free.  

It’s a gift to have a feel for the water so let Dr Swim help….

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